Friday, February 15, 2013

Liebster Blog Awared

I was tagged over at Tanya's Stamps 'n Things for the Liebster Blog Award and in doing so I must share the following things:

•Post 11 random things about myself.
•Answer Tanya's questions for me
•Come up with 11 questions I would like people to answer
•Nominate 11 more people to play along!

11 Random Facts about Me:
1. I do not carry a cell phone around with me most of the fact, if it wasn't for my day job I probably wouldn't have weakened and gotten my own cell phone even yet!

2. My husband says I smile when I am signing cards...sounds like a good trait for a cardmaker, I think;)

3. I'm a hopeless romantic!

4. I love vintage pretties!

5. I don't really trust people who say they don't like chocolate...just seems suspect to me!

6. Paris is my favourite place I've ever been and I could go there again and again...such a beautiful city. In the words of Samantha Brown, "you don't just love Paris, you fall for her!"

7. I love decorating and creating.

8. I'm a girly-girl and I love to primp

9. I love ruffles!

10. I'm not a morning person...still love staying up late when I can and sleepin' in!

11. My faith is super important to me and would rank much higher on the list than any random fact above...somehow this list didn't seem right without mentioning that:)

Tanya's Questions for Me:

1. What's for dinner at your house tonight? My husband took me out to a diner tonight and we had burgers and shared a chocolate shake - quite a treat!

2. What talent or skill do you wish you had? I wish I was an effortless singer. I love to sing. I love to worship. My husband says I sing well, but I would love to be completely effortless with an amazing range is low to mid and not every song fits that range well.

3. What is your favorite way to travel? Where to? I love to travel, but getting from point A to point B is not my favourite. In the car with my family is great for short trips, but anything over 6 hours I'd prefer to fly.

4. What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you anything close to that? I wanted to be a teacher. I ended up being an accountant. Are they close, not really, but I do teach a lot of staff in my job (and in my hobbies)

5. What started your passion for your favorite craft? When my daughter was young, my husband worked shift-work and so I couldn't go out easily to do things with my friends. I spent a lot of years just doing things for others and my husband noticed me looking at scrapbook kits from time to time at the stores, so one day he brought one home for me from Costco and I started to create after my I put my daughter to bed at night. A while later, a woman in my Bible study group invited me to a Stampin Up workshop and it was a Sunday evening and my husband was off so I could go. I went and had so much fun creating with the ladies and I learned the joy of creating something like a card in as short as a half an hour (my scrapbook pages would take me a whole night, sometimes 2)...after that I soon joined a monthly club...after that I got asked to teach from time to time...and after that I became a Stampin Up demonstrator...

6. What is your favorite movie? Midnight in must see it if you haven't:)

7. What technology do you use even tho you hate it? Cell phone...I fought this one for a long time and probably wouldn't have it now if I didn't need it for work. I just don't think we need to be THAT available...and others can be so rude with their use of cell phones in public places etc.

8. If you had a weekend completely free to spend exactly how you like, what would you do? I'd go out on a date with my hubby on Friday night (dinner and a movie or something like that...maybe a walk if it's nice). Saturday I'd sleep late and make scones for breakfast and linger with my family...maybe do some shopping in the afternoon...then go to church in the evening and come back home afterward and maybe enjoy a glass of wine and some cheese with my husband while watching some travel videos or something. Then Sunday I would create for a few hours and we'd spend some family time playing board/get-together games and then make a nice supper like a roast chicken and fixings. Or...if money was no object, well fly to Paris with my love, of course;)

9. What is your favorite holiday, and favorite memory of that holiday? My trip to Paris this spring with my husband was my favourite. We were celebrating a special anniversary and to commemorate it we put a lock (symbolizing our love) on the Pont des Arts:)

10. What kind of blogs do you enjoy? I like papercrafting blogs because they inspire me. I also go to the Paris Daily Photo blog each day because I'm over the moon for Paris. And I love going to pinterest...I know it's not a blog per se, but it links me to new and different blogs that I would not find another way.

11. Why do you visit this blog? I visit Tanya's blog because she's a sweet heart. I love to see what she's been creating and how her family is and how her kids are growing and she is one of the most encouraging people when she visits my blog:)

My Questions for My Nominees Below (or anyone else who'd like to play along):
1. How would you describe your creative style?
2. What inspires you?
3. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
4. Do you like to cook...and if you do, what is one of your favourite recipes to make?
5. If you use pinterest, how do you find new pins? (ex. pin directly from the internet, repin from those you follow, specific searches, review popular posts, etc)
6. What is your favourite decadent indulgence (food/beverage related)?
7. What is your favourite way to pamper yourself or a friend?
8. Do you journal? If so, what is your method/frequency/what inspires you to write?
9. Where would you like to retire?/What would you like to do in retirement?
10. Who is someone you admire and why?
11. Do you have any unusual/off-the-beaten path blogs/websites that you visit? Could you share one or two and what you like about them.

My Nominees for Blogs I Really Enjoy:
1. Nadine - The Beautiful Ordinary
2. Hillary - Joy Unspeakable
3. Kimberley - Stampin by the Sea
4. Jenny - Lakeshore Stampin
5. Patty - Patty Stamps
6. Catherine Pooler
7. Monica - My Many Many Passions
8. Amy Celona
9. Shawna - Shawna's Stampin Spot
10. So Shelli
11. Tanya - Tanya's Stamps & Things (my original of the sweetest bloggers I know:)

If you participate and answer my questions above and give the 11 random things, please leave a comment below so I can be sure to visit your blog and read what you've posted:)

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Hi Sherri - thanks for the nomination. Check out my blog for my answers : )