Monday, July 05, 2004

I was sooo close to having my very own Mary Engelbreit teapot...the 'Oh-So-Breit' teapot! I had been tracking it on ebay, and it was going for well below its retail value (Mary prices it at $45US, and on ebay it was below $20US). So, I discussed the teapot with my delightful husband who encouraged me to get it. I had received some money from my inlaws and my parents for my birthday that I still haven't spent. So I was all excited to actually get something that I've wanted for so long (and never really thought I would get). The auction was to expire last night. When I left to take my daughter's friend home, my bid was winning, but then when I dropped Brianna off, I got chatting with her folks and didn't want to be rude and rush out of there (especially for something that isn't nearly as important as another person). Anyway, we got home at 9:13. The Auction ended at 9:11. And, yes, someone swooped in and stole my bid:( I know it is only a teapot, but I have to admit to being disappointed. There is another one up for bid, but with a starting price of $29.99US...I'm not interested in that because I almost had this one for much less. (sigh) I hope the high bidder enjoys my teapot. I hope they have friends over for tea and, in turn, bless them....

"...I will bless you; ...and you will be a blessing."
Gen 12:2

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