Monday, July 12, 2004

"The Lake"

We went to "the lake" yesterday. Amanda had gone out the day before with Arilee & Aurora, and so we headed out yesterday to enjoy the day and pick her up. It was a good day, although it would have been nice to spread the day out a bit (driving two hours each way makes for a full day!) The Herman's have a marvelous campsite, and we were spoiled to get to be with such wonderful friends for the day!

It's interesting the different things that being at "the lake" brings out in different people. For instance, at home, Amanda generally tries to avoid chores (like all normal 9 year olds), but at "the lake" she has no problem helping to get water or even doing the dishes! At home, Amanda is quite squirmish about things like bugs, but at "the lake" she went fishing for perch with Auntie using minows for bait...she was even quite proud to bring the fish back to her water bucket in her own net! It was quite something to see!

On the drive back home, Les and I talked about our views of "the lake." I don't think either of us are big campers, and while it would be nice to get away to "the lake" once in a while, our schedules just never seem to work such that we both have 2-3 days off in a row.

As we drove, we talked about our views on tents, campers, motor-homes and cabins. I'm afraid we leaned to the more expensive choices, and when you divide that over how infrequently we would use it, well, that pretty much makes it non-viable from a financial perspective. (Too bad we don't have friends with a cabin or motor home that we could rent once a year!:) ...we had to scratch camper from the list because we don't have a vehicle that could pull it.)

Before Les & I got married, I used to go to Family Camp each summer at Arlington Beach (this year's camp is happening right now). That was "the lake" to me. I went for about five years in a row, camping a different way each year. The first year I stayed in the lodge with a friend (shared bathrooms and showers on the floors; cafeteria type food). The next year, some friends and I rented a cabin together (no shower, but running water). The next year I stayed at the lodge alone, but ate and hung out with friends in the campground. The next year, I tented. And the last year, I rented a cabin that is lived-in year round (hence it had a shower etc.) I'd have to say that this last experience was the best to me. It was a beautiful location (lakefront), and I could watch the sunset over the water each night!

Every so often I get teased by die-hard campers that 'that is not camping at all'! I know they are teasing, but they seem to imply that if I would prefer to be able to blow-dry my hair in the morning when I'm camping rather than just putting on a ball-cap that there is some kind of moral problem with me. Maybe there is? I like to feel fresh in the morning and have a shower. I enjoy fussing a bit. I often dress casually, but I still like things to match and be free of holes. I like to make things nice. Even the year that I tented, I had a welcome matt for my borrowed tent and a flower pot just outside of the door. I guess this is part of how I relax. I'm just a girly-girl.

As we continued driving home last night, God painted the most amazing sunset for us, and Les and I both agreed how much we like home, and how we'd just like to find a way to be able to press pause more often and have some of those 'lake'-type moments at home.

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