Thursday, July 29, 2004

A Tea-Party Week

This seems to be the week for tea-parties.  I hosted a tea party lunch for Amanda and her friend, Brianna, earlier this week, complete with sandwiches without the crusts (cucumber and tomato and dainties for dessert).  The girlies really seemed to enjoy themselves.  They had played so good that morning that I had time to unpack the teacups and luncheon plates my mom brought over to me.  She has a small collection of Amercian Beauty (by Royal Albert) that she doesn't ever use, and I was touched that she chose to pass it on to me since I love everything about tea, so I couldn't resist serving the girlies with Nana's collection. 
My own collection of formal tea-ware is really a collection of mixed cups and saucers from dear friends and relatives over the years.  I also have a precious old silver teapot that belonged to my friend Marsha's grandmother.  That teapot is full of wonderful memories of tea and small group meetings at Marsha's place before she moved away.
I've also been working on my brewing of tea this week...well iced-tea.  I think I've just about got the recipe  down to the way my handsome hubby enjoys it best.
Tomorrow will be another tea-party, and Amanda is quite excited.  You see, we're doing "Mom and Me, Having Tea".  It's a time for just us two.  I've been baking today for it.  I made teapot shaped cookies, with tea in them (wildberry tea that is), ginger snaps and blueberry scones.  It will be high tea, late in the afternoon, and we will do a devotion together.   Afterall, I think God enjoys a good tea-party too!

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