Saturday, November 06, 2004

As you can probably tell by the small number of posts this week, my week has been very hectic. I've worked late most days, and while I haven't been pulling all-nighters by any means, when you put that into the mix of my life and those of my husband and daughter, it's been a full week. The auditors will arrive at work on Monday and I think I'm ready for them (prayers are always appreciated:)... Things will continue to be busy for a while, but I think that the biggest part is behind me.

In view of how much I've been running the past several weeks, what happened to me yesterday was extra-special. And in view of all of the changes in my life the past 2 years, what happened to me yesterday was precious and beautiful.

Les and I will be celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on November 7th and my handsome husband gave me an early gift yesterday. He sent me to Bev Ashdowns for a Chocolate Pedicure! Now I don't go for many pedicures, but let me just tell you that I think they are the most relaxing experience, and if you add chocolate to the mix...well, I've never been so pampered.

I arrived for my appointment, and they put me in a dimly lit room with soft music. The put a warm neckroll around my neck and had me recline back in a pillowed chair while the soaked my feet in a white chocolate milk bath. They served me a hot chocolate mocha and a small cinnamon roll pastry. After 10 or so minutes a lovely girl came in and pampered my tootsies. She used a coffee scrub that smelled so good and a white chocolate parafin wax wrap, but the absolute best was the massage...she massaged my feet and legs with this rich smelling chocolate lotion...I smelled like chocolate all day! ...and then of course she painted my toes...pretty in pink, of course!

I felt so pampered, and like such a princess in my heart! What a prince I have to spoil me so royally?!!

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