Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A Few Favourites....

A few days ago Christy did a post about Oprah's favourite 'things' show where she gives a gift bag of her favourites to her audience. Christy posted her own list of favourite 'things' on her site (, and I thought it was fun. Now I don't watch Oprah, and my list of favourite 'things' would mostly be items that couldn't possibly fit in a gift bag (many would be quite intangible and not 'things' really at all...things like sunsets and hugs...I'll post that list on another day:), but I still thought it would be fun to think of some of your favourite products that you would include if you were able to give out a gift bag full of your favourite 'things' and small indulgences. Here are a few of my favourites:

Fruits and Passions Products (
I was a fan of Fruits and Passions before the store even opened here. Fieldberries is my scent. I love their perfume, bubble bath, lotions and room ambience sprays, and just walking into their shop is a feel-good experience. And I love how they wrap your purchases in pretty tissue that they spray with your scent!

Square necked black tee
Square necked black shirts are a staple in my wardrobe. I like the square neckline and how it fits under sweaters, blazers and other tops, and not only is black flattering, but it goes with almost everything!
Nutcracker Sweet Tea
This is a special indulgence available only at this time of year. You all know that I love tea...well this one smells and tastes like Christmas!

St. Ives hand cream
This is an inexpensive hand cream, but I love how rich and indulgent it feels...and it smells wonderful!

Home Companion
You knew Mary had to make my list, didn't you?!

Lindt Truffle Balls (
Mmmm...these are my absolute favourite chocolates...decadent!

Tresemme products (
These used to be an indulgence. They used to only be available at salons, now you can even find them at Walmart! Great value for the money. I love the 'green' line! I use the shampoo, conditioner, mousse and spray.

Ivory body wash (honey)
Once again, a very reasonably priced item, but don't let that fool you, it leaves your skin like silk after your shower...and the scent...heavenly:)

Sheer pink nail polish by Sally Hansen
Lots of people ask me about what I use, and this is it. I paint my nails once a week with one coat of Sally's sheer pink polish (which is actually meant to go over a french manicure, but I skip doing the white tips since I don't have the time). I top it off with one coat of Sally's Quick Dry product and I'm good to go.

Eyelash Scarves
This past winter I was given a violet eyelash scarf from my dahling friend, Arilee. She made it herself and it's the best! It's soft and fun and pretty all in one. My friend Tami has eyelash scarves in almost every colour. I love my violet one, but I think I'd like a red/burgundy/fushia one too...decisions, decisions....guess I'll need to learn how to knit!

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