Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I don't make muffins as often as I'd like. It seems I seldom have enough time. Sometimes I pick up some at IGA when I haven't baked them in a long while. They have a couple of really good low fat varieties, an apple cinnamon and a bran blueberry. When I make muffins, they generally aren't low fat (well, except for my raisin bran ones which are low fat and tastey). I make a really good blueberry muffin complete with sugar crusting on top that I don't even want to know the nutritional information on...or I might not be able to eat one again. But this gotten me to thinking... Why is it that something that sounds like it is so good for you, a muffin, often really not? Once in a while, Les and I have gotten fruit explosion muffins from Tim Horton's with our coffee for a treat, but I read the other day that there are actually more calories in one of those muffins than in a donut! You mean I've been skipping the double chocolate in favour of a fruit muffin all this time for not?!

If any of you out there have any good low fat muffin recipes, leave me a note in the comments...

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