Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Today is 10% Tuesday...which means that many of the grocery stores give you an extra 10% off your grocery total. I always try to plan a grocery run on 10% Tuesday each month (especially since my household has grown), and today was no different. Usually I try to go to whichever store advertises the majority of the things I need at the best price, but today we hit more than that.... IGA had an awesome price on lean ground beef ($3.29/kg), and with fresh pineapples for $2.99, we had to stop there. I always enjoy the IGA. They seem friendly, their fresh items (produce, meat and bakeshop) are all good, and they always try and help you out with your order. I don't get there often, but I definitely like it there. Then we headed to Safeway...all kinds of specials there this week, so needless to say, our cart was quite full. As always our cashier asked if we wanted parcel pickup, which we said yes to (something I often do ever since Les has made me see that it is silly not to). But this time I noticed something different... When I said 'yes' and the cashier coded it in, a penny was actually credited off our grocery bill?! That's right, they actually pay you to let them load your groceries for you! I have to say that I really like Safeway. They carry a lot of the brands I prefer, and the people there are always so friendly to me. Les often asks how I know a cashier who wishes me well, and I say, "I don't, they're just friendly." You do have to watch the prices, but if you watch the sales, you can do pretty well there AND they will pay you to let them pack and load your groceries....gotta like it!

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