Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Such a Thoughtful Gift!

Alana is a very creative and caring woman. As I've said before she is more than a friend to me, she's my big sister (in my heart anyways:) Every year we exchange presents at Christmas. She's given me some of the most creative and thoughtful gifts I've received over the years. Every year there is an ornament. Usually there is something she's made, if time permits, and sometimes there's a parcel shaped or wrapped in such a way that I can't even begin to guess what's inside. This year, what was inside was a basket tray with a hot shot water heater/dispenser, tea and the fixings (including Simple Pleasures Almond cookies, my favourite:) Attached to the hot shot was a note explaining that she wasn't sure this was the answer, but she wanted me to be able to have a decent cup of tea at work... So, I've been trying it out this week at work, and it works great (minus the problem I'm having with the outlet in my office and the longgggg extension chord I'm running from across the room, minor gliche)! But more than a decent cup of tea at work, Alana gave me something more precious... You see work has not been my happy place lately, and she was trying to make that better (...tears...)! Such a thoughtful gift:) ...such a precious friend!!

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