Sunday, January 23, 2005

This is a red porsche boxster. It is my husband's favourite car, and since this post was inspired by him, I thought I'd put it up there. My husband is an excellent driver, and coming from B.C. has driven in alot busier and congested situations than I probably have. And while winters are milder in B.C., there tend to be very slick road conditions when tempertures drop in the rain. Me, I'm a Saskatchewan girl, I drive in the snow most of the year, have since I was 16. I remember the first winter we were married, the amount of snow we got was alarming to Les' parents (who now live here) on their visit, yet I drove them around to all the places they wanted to go, safely. They dubbed my car (a silver cavalier) 'a little tank' as they were surprised at how well we got around.

Before I got married, I never really thought about getting around in the snow. In fact, when I lived in Regina for a few years after finishing University, I would drive to Saskatoon each weekend to see family and friends, and the snow never deterred me. It bothered my father though. He would pace from the moment I left the house until the moment I called him from Regina to say I had made it safely. I always thought that he was overly concerned about this, that he was just a nervous sort...

I have never considered myself to be a nervous sort, nor a backseat driver, but since getting married, I have found myself giving advice to Les when he is driving. I don't mean to. He is an excellent driver. I justify my comments in my mind with the fact that he hasn't driven in the snow all his life, but then we'll be coming up to an icy area, a little faster than I'd like, and I'll say something. I know this bothers him, so I try not to say anything, but he says he still knows...apparently, I squeeze his hand tighter if I want him to slow down, and if I want him to be braking I really squeeze it. And apparently, this doesn't help?! I'm sorry, I don't mean to do it. And as much as I respect his driving and try not to do anything that will bother him, there are still moments when I do them.

I have a far greater concern for safety these days, you see, people I love deeply are in the car... It's not just me any more.

The other day as I drove alone to work I was thinking about this. We had freezing rain the previous day and a big snowfall that morning. The roads were caked with snow ontop of ice, and as I carefully made my way around, I thought to myself, "I remember driving on highways that looked like this sometimes when I lived in Regina..." "What was I, crazy?!", I thought, and then I suddenly understood why my father would pace until he heard that I'd made it home. It was a sign of how much he loved me. He never liked me being on the highway alone even in good winter driving conditions. And this got me to thinking about Amanda. In a little over 6 years she'll be able to drive, and it freaks me out to think of her driving in what I was driving in that morning. No way, she can't have the car on those days!

Every day when I kiss Les good-bye before he heads off to work, I tell him to drive safely...and when I pray for him, I pray for his day and ask God to bring him home safely to me, and if I'm at home before him, I anticipate his arrival time and pray and watch for him. My heart flutters when I see him pull up into the drive-way and I race down the stairs to kiss him hello. I love him so deeply that I just can't help it:)

So drive safely folks, there are people who feel the same way about you!

Dear Lord, please keep us safe in our travels. Help us to never be in such a hurry that we take chances on the road that we don't need to take. Protect us as we drive. Protect those we love. Help the other drivers on the road to be safe too. Thank You for Your love, Your protection and Your grace. Thank You for our loved ones and our lives. We love You. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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