Thursday, September 02, 2004

Back to School

I loved this time of year when I was a child! I loved school! I was always excited to find out who my new teacher was...I loved teachers (even wanted to be one!) I loved getting new pens, notebooks...kind of like a fresh page to start again:)

Yesterday was registration day for Amanda for grade 4. Afterward, we stole a little time alone for another 'Mom and Me Having Tea' time. Amanda's big prayer request these days is 'confidence...heading back into the new school year.' Here is this adorable girlie who is bright and imaginative, who is respectful and attentive, who is at a reading level grades beyond her age, and yet she is still a bit nervous about a new grade. I remember feeling that way too. We've been praying for Amanda's new school year that she would get the perfect teacher and the right class for her.

I took Amanda to her first day of classes this morning and stayed through the shuffles as they sorted out who goes where. At first Amanda was in a straight grade 4 classroom, and I was pleased because she's been in a couple of splits the last two years. I'd also heard good things about the teacher in this room, but before anyone could get too comfortable there, they announced a list of grade 4's that would be going into a grade 4/5 split. Inside I was kind of disappointed at first. I followed behind the kids as they walked up the stairs carrying some of their heavy stuff. It turned out that the 4/5 split is being taught by Ms. Buckley, Amanda's grade 2 teacher, and I saw Amanda relax into the comfort of being with a teacher that she had loved. The next thing I noticed is that the kids who formed a bit of a clique in her class last year did not come along to the split class, and my heart relaxed a bit more that maybe, just maybe this would be a really good class for Amanda this year. It may mean making some more new friends this year, but I'm thinking that perhaps God did answer our prayers for Amanda's teacher and class this morning. Oh there still could be changes and shifting, so we'll wait and see, but I left our girlie there with a strong sense of how much she is growing up...

Grade printing, there was handwriting on all the walls in the classroom...Grade more cloak-room, she'll have a locker...Grade 4...our girlie is growing up and it looks like it's going to be a great year!

(Now I have to look into hip hop classes as Amanda thinks this is what she'd like to do this fall...any suggestions out there?)

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