Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I'll admit, I was hesitant to try it, being the true tea-girl that I am, but I tried one today and all I can say is mmmm, Tim got it right!

New Steeped Tea!

"Over the years, the one thing we’ve learned about making tea, is that there’s no improving on tradition. Tim Hortons is proud to introduce a new way of making tea using a time honored tradition – loose tea leaves. Why loose tea leaves? The secret behind great tasting tea is allowing the water to flow freely, surrounding the tea leaves and coaxing out every last drop of flavor. But we didn’t stop there. We asked a third generation tea master to design the ideal machine for making perfectly steeped tea, cup after cup. A lifetime of tea experience went into our new tea steeper. It gently steeps Tim Hortons own unique blend of orange pekoe tea leaves for consistently full-flavored results. So tea lovers, try a fresh cup of our new steeped tea."

Now if only it came in that cute cup with the spout in the's just not right drinking tea from a disposable cup (with NO saucer I might add)!

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