Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Well, Princepessa Amandalena had her first ever dance lesson last night! She's taking Worship Dance. It is offerred at Emmanual Baptist Church, and is taught by a wonderful woman who is, herself, a dancer. She teaches the girls various styles of dance including some ballet, jazz and even some hip-hop. Amanda is in a group of grade 4 to 8's, and it's so different to see her not be the tallest girl in her group:) When we came to pick our girlie up at the end of class last night, she was already doing a new dance she had just learned. Les said that he couldn't tell who liked Amanda's dance class more, her or me! I guess this look overcame my face as I watched her. I love dance! I wanted to be a ballerina when I was a little girl, but never got lessons, so a few year's ago, I enrolled at Juliet's School of Dance for the adult class. It was wonderful! Last year, I encouraged Amanda to try ballet, but she wasn't as interested, so I didn't push. Then this class came up this year and it's perfect. Amanda is so excited, and I'm just thrilled for her:)

Next, I'll have to make her a circle skirt....

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