Monday, September 27, 2004

Tea and Giggles

Last night was so much fun...a girls'-night-IN, so to speak. My friends Tami and Arilee (and of course the darling Princess Aurora) came over for supper and to linger. Princesses Amanda and Aurora had too much fun playing Pollys and then Barbies, and Princesses Tami, Arilee and I had too much fun engaging in girl-talk and sipping on Tea of Love! These gals used to be part of my small group and I miss getting to meet with them and talk with them over some tea every two weeks.

Tami is gregarious and full of fun. She adds a touch of the unexpected to my life and reminds me to colour outside of the lines. She has the greatest laugh and an amazing heart.

Most of you who read this already know who
Arilee is. She is the 'auntie-extraordinaire'. She's a very creative witty woman...who is a wonderful mom and has been such a cheerleader for me as a mom.

I admire both of these women and learn alot from them. Being with them always encourages me. We need to make more time for evenings like last night. Tea and giggles go well together:)

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