Monday, December 20, 2004

Candlelight and PFK...

This is what my husband and I enjoyed on our date night last Thursday before he took me to see 'Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason'.

'French cuisine?' you ask. No, no... PFK is KFC en francais! I was getting over a sore throat that day, but Les was still eager to take me on our date. Earlier in the day though, he asked me if I really felt like eating out. I said, "Whatever you would like dear..." He suggested that he could pick up some KFC and we could eat at home before the movie...that way I wouldn't have to cook. I wriggled up my nose (just a bit) and said, "You don't really want KFC, do you, hun? We should probably choose something better for us..." He moved on to something else, but less than an hour later, with a glint in his eye he suggested that he pop out and pick up some chicken for us to enjoy while we watched a program together. I had just finished all my work, and in that moment I realized that to him this was as big of a treat as a bento box at Earls is to me, so I said, "Sure:)"

While he was out, I ran downstairs and set up the card table diagonal to the couch, then I set the table, and then I lit the candles. During our meal, Les pointed out that we were dining "en PFK"..."Oui," I said, "Poulet frit a Kentucky!" He said, "It sounds better in French!'" Mais, oui!

The Edge of Reason was a very good movie (apart from a bit of the language). I enjoyed the character development. There is something about Bridget that I think almost every woman can relate to...especially if she was single until after she was 30. I think her self-esteem developed in the film as she became more comfortable with who she was. Mark Darcy continued to like her 'just as she is' her even:) Which is every girl's be loved for who she really is. It's funny, during the first Bridget Jones, she and I were both single, and by this one we had both found the 'one'! It's interesting to hear others opinions on which of the two leading men they would choose. For me, it's no contest...Mr. Darcy, of course (he shares so many great traits with my handsome hubby), but I have friends who would choose Daniel Cleaver... I don't get it...don't think he's even cute (a person's heart so much affects what I see, I guess). But there will always be those girls who like those bad boys... I, for one, am happy that they portray this movie's good guy, Mr. Darcy, with a bit of an edge though...he's good, but he has an edge (remember Bridget's comment in the first movie...

Bridget: "Wait a minute... nice boys don't kiss like that!"
Darcy: "Oh yes they do!!"

"I truly believe that happiness is possible... even when you're thirty-three and have a bottom the size of two bowling balls." Bridget Jones

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