Thursday, December 30, 2004

A good thing...

So far, Christmas celebrations have been mostly about family this year. We had both of our families in on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On Boxing Day we met my family for a quick supper as it would be the last time to see my sister before she went back to Lloydminster, and on New Year's we will be having both families over again (well, except for those that are heading to the Blades' game...) Les has pretty much worked every day of the holidays, and I think I've cleaned my house 3 times this past week and need to do it again before New Year's. My friend Tami asked me if I was 'crazy' having the families over again for supper on New Year's. She's right, I end up spending most of my time in the kitchen and running around after them all day, but it's tradition to have family in on New Year's and I told her that she is welcome to join us. My employer gives me a ham at Christmas each year and I cook it on New Year's. Tami said, 'no thanks'...she's had enough family so far this year (no offense meant and none taken:)

So far we've only had one opportunity to be with friends over the holidays... Arilee and Aurora came over for supper and games the night before last. It was so much fun (and nice and laid back). As we were talking, Arilee brought up how sometimes she feels closer to some friends than family. I can relate. It's not that I don't love our extended family, it's just that I share some pretty deep bonds with several kindred friends...they are familia to me:) Somehow I can just relax more in their presence. They build me up and fill my heart. Now I'm looking forward to lunch with one of them tomorrow. 'It's a good thing!'

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