Monday, December 27, 2004

Kelly and Brooke (and Molly) Graham are blogging again at

...and Brooke's mom, Donna has a thought provoking post today that you should check is a excerpt:

"The good old dictionary tells me that content means "happy enough with
what one has or is, satisfaction. Then contented is "not desiring something more
or different". In an odd sort of way, I found it interesting that "contention"
was followed by content in the dictionary...."contention - verbal strife,
argument, dispute....struggle" How many of us are actually content with our
place in life, where we are at, what we look like, what we have or do not have?
It seems the norm to want more, do better, be thinner, look better. Our friends
have it all, so I need it too.....the grass is always greener, right? here is a
little Donna-deal...I am in need of a new couch...our poor fella has seen a lot
and is looking a little more than shabby. I have noted over the past few months
that wouldn't it be nice to have a new couch for Christmas when all the family
was here. But the funny part was not one person noted that the couch was not so
new, we sat and chatted enjoying each others company just the same on the old
couch as we would have on a new. Now, don't get me one was sitting on
the floor because the springs have given out on that old we were
comfortable. It wasn't about the couch it was about the presence of friends and

.....contentment lies in my heart knowing I am happy and satified with my
life as it is, for the moment, in the moment. A little note here, strive and
strife are also not that far apart in the dictionary. Striving for what makes
you "think" will bring you happiness just may be the cause of the strife in your
life. Satan is known as the "divider" for a very good reason....and I think that
he placed certain definitions of "want" into our vocabulary for a
purpose.....because when I looked up the word "want" in the dictionary...I was
surprised at the pictures that ran through my head. Want - to lack, crave, to be
destitute or impoverished. I may not have the biggest house, the best car, all
the "toys" that others have....but, I am content. I lack very little! "

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