Monday, December 13, 2004

God, time and a princessheart...

I've been reflecting on how we can't even fathom how God and time interact, and how the past, present and future are seen by Him, the author of our lives, almost in a different dimension. Last night I was reading more in my princessheart book :) ...and there was a great quote from C. S. Lewis that gave me a new perspective. Lewis said that when he is writing a story, he may write that a woman was journaling about something and then suddenly someone entered the room. For his character there is no break, she is journaling and then immediately someone walks in the room; however, for the author, that is not all there is with regard to time. The author may have paused in the middle of his character's two actions and thought about her for three hours. She may not even be his main character, but he can move in out of the story he's telling to focus on her and how the events will affect her...past, present and future. Interesting.....I've been thinking about God like that this the author and creator of me (and you). I've long understood with my mind that nothing happens to me that isn't sifted through His hand, but perhaps this gives me a fuller perspective on the matter...the thought that God, as the author, spends time focused on me throughout the story He causes to (and sometimes lets) heart finds this a precious thought:)

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