Thursday, October 28, 2004


Encounter is the new mid-week worship service at our Church. I have been hungry for this for so long, and it has not disappointed me. Last night we attended our second one...the message that stayed with me is that God has brought 'the holy of holies' (the temple) to us (in us)...He is about bringing things together (things torn apart, things in pieces). There was much more to it...along with some interesting exegesis of Revelation 21, but I will stop there for now.

There's a song I've been singing a lot this past week that talks about how God fills the hunger in my heart...He takes my soul by storm...

You Take My Soul By Storm
words and music by Carolyn Arends, Mak Kaylor, and Connie Harrington

There’s an eerie stillness in my soul
A cold complacency
It’s been too long since I felt the Holy Ghost
Stirring in me
But I know it’s just the calm before the storm
Soon a light will pierce the dark
‘Cause Almighty God you’ll move heaven and earth
To move my heart

Like the mighty winds of a hurricane
You’ll come rushing in when I call Your name
And let Your love come down
You take my soul by storm
Then I’ll feel Your Spirit moving me
And You’ll lift me up where I need to be
‘Cause when Your love comes down
You take my soul by storm
You take my soul by storm

There’s a strange new fragrance in the air
The promise of sweet rain
I know it won’t be long till the force of Your love
Sweeps me away
Whenever I have let this distance grow
Between Your heart and mine
You have poured out Your Spirit on my thirsty soul
So I know this time

Repeat chorus

(C) 1995 Edward Grant/running arends music (admin. by Reunion Music Publishing) (ASCAP)/Ol’ Lucy Brown Music (BMI)

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