Sunday, October 10, 2004

Well the turkey-bird is in the oven...we are celebrating Thanksgiving today. Les is off at work right now, and I am making the cranberries for our feast. Soon both sides of the family will be here. It will be a busy day, but I don't want to loose sight of what it's meant for.

My heart was struck this morning when I did some research on how Thanksgiving came about in Canada. I found out (as highlighted in my last post) that Parliament, when declaring the second Monday of October as Thanksgiving in Canada, marked it as a time of giving thanks to 'Almighty God'...and I have a lot to be thankful for...

Here's a partial list:

- God's love and His grace, abundant and true

- my handsome husband... I waited what seemed like a long time for him, but God was faithful, and Les is everything on my list of what I wanted.

- my living dolly, who made me a mommy:)

- our home, a warm place where we live and grow in love

- our friends, people like the Henry's who have been such examples to me of God's family... Alana, who has been my heart's sister, who taught me to be brave and who encourages me so much... People like Caroline, who have been there for us and shown constant and unconditional love. People like Arilee who have lifted me up as mommy and helped me along...

- our extended families... Les' folks who moved here to be closer to us (well probably Amanda), who've had such a tough year... my folks, who have had to let go of their little girl...

- our jobs... although I'm feeling too much stress these days, I still thank God that I have a job and pray His strength through it

- our church... my role has changed so much in it over the last two years that sometimes I don't know where I fit, but I am thankful that they take me where I am, and I'm thankful that Les and Amanda have each found a place there. I'm thankful for Encounter and Adventure Club which will be starting later this month, for the timing of it and that there is something for each member of my family to look forward to and grow in.

- the beautiful sunshine streaming through my windows right now, the gorgeous fall trees, the sunsets I've been seeing all week, the feelings I have inside, and once again, the God who paints this all just for me (well maybe not just for me, but sometimes it feels that way:)

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