Friday, October 01, 2004

Wonderful concert last night! I was really touched by how vunerable Amy can be when she talks about the songs. I think my eyes were full of tears most of the time that she was on the stage, but since I only have a few minutes here, I'll just post one cute story about my husband at the concert.

Les and I took our seats a while before the concert started so we could get a good look at the stage, and, in particular, the guitars on the stage. I correctly picked out the Gibson (special edition, I think) that Amy's lead guitar player (who was awesome) would play (he only used one guitar...Les says, 'when it's a Gibson, you only need one!'...but I digress..). Les pointed out Vince's tele. Les also pointed out the different amps up there...he even thought he saw a vintage Vox, etc. I pointed out Amy's accoustic, a MacPherson (I think Les was impressed that I remembered as this isn't a common guitar). In any case, this is stuff we do all the time. Les loves to survey what others are using in comparison to what he uses. His focus isn't always when he gets to perform for others so much as when he's downstairs in our house jammin' with his Marshall cranked.

Once the concert began, Les seemed impressed with Amy changing off accoustics every few songs...a fella from off-stage would come and exchange guitars with her. Les said that they were likely re-tuning them back stage in between. (If you know my darling hubby, you know that tuning is a big thing to him, so this was all good...and Vince did the same thing during his performance).

Anyway, after one of the songs in Amy's concert, I whispered to Les about how her lead guitar player used his slide in his solo. Les made a few comments back, and then Amy started into her next song, 'Simple Things', which if you know me, you know is one of my songs...I just find Les and myself and our life in there... So Amy's singing the chorus ('I dream of simple things I can believe in, like the feeling this day brings...True love and the miracle of forgiveness, I believe in simple things'). Then the spotlight moves to her guitar player who lets into an amazing solo, after which Les leans over and whispers into my ear, "That's what I need...a spotlight!" I just giggled...Amy's singing about 'simple things', and my unassuming, modest and introverted husband tells me he needs a spotlight for when he's jammin' out at home:) He's so cute!

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