Monday, October 18, 2004

Parenting is not always easy, is it?!

I haven't mastered the art of creatively correcting my daughter yet without risking the scorn of her not liking me (at least momentarily). I know, it's not about being 'liked'... As my dear friend Alana continues to remind me, 'They need a mother, not another friend!' ...and I get that, I do... and I am willing to risk my daughter's scorn if it's a matter that goes to character. I am willing to endure it for her because she's worth worth it!

This weekend, Alana passed along to me an illustrustation she once heard a speaker use that has really got me thinking. She said to imagine that you are preparing your child for a trip in 18 years and that you have to help make ensure that they have what they'll need in their suitcase by then.

I've been thinking a lot about what I want in Amanda's suitcase (in about 9 or so more years). I want her to have an intimate relationship with God, not just knowledge of God, but a deep relationship. I want her to have confidence in herself and knowledge that she can do anything. I want her to have a compassionate heart and a willing spirit. I want her to be self-motivated and have good common sense. I want her to be able to take care of herself (and her someday family, if God so chooses). I want her to be a good friend and be able to sometimes take care of her friends when they need it. I want her to know how to be safe but not end up being totally closed off. I want her to be brave and to hold tight to her values. I want a lot of things for her... and in the end I want her to know that there are two people in this world who will always think she's such a living dolly, who will love her no matter what, but who love her way too much to ever let her compromise.

Oh this parenting thing...they're right, you know, when they say that when you become a parent you start walking around with your heart on the outside... not easy no-sir-ee..

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