Saturday, October 16, 2004

I think most people would consider me a fairly patient driver, but even my patience was tested today when the right lane was closed on Circle Drive. They seemed to have set up the signs a long way from where the work was actually being done on the side of the road, and we were at a complete standstill much of the time, making us late for our trip to the pumpkin patch at Dutch Growers. I could handle being a few minutes behind if it just affected our plans, but you see we were over 15 minutes late in meeting some friends, and I really don't like to inconvenience others that way.

Still, I was doing pretty good really, until I started noticing the steady stream of fancy half tonnes that kept whizzing past us in the right lane...that's right, the lane that was closed... They would speed past the halted traffic and then squeeze back into the left lane at the point where the roadwork was being done...thus making those of us who had been waiting a long time, wait even longer. I kept thinking to myself that I shouldn't be so frustrated by what they were doing, but honestly, I kept thinking that if one of them even tried to merge back into the left lane in front of me, I wouldn't let them... Guilty thoughts then emerged...I mean, what happened to 'the first shall be last', what happened to my usual patience about such things? ...and then I heard this coming from the seat behind me where Amanda, my 9 year old daughter, was sitting, "All right already! We're getting old here!!" I couldn't help but laugh out loud, it had even gotten to my darling 9 year old daughter and was aging her in the process... (She's too cute, don't you think?!!)

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