Thursday, September 01, 2005

First Hillary Duff, then The Queen and now The Prime Minister of Canada...'s been quite the year for Miss Amanda! As you'll recall Amanda got treated to the Hillary Duff concert back in January. Then in the spring she had the opportunity to attend the Centennial Gala and see the Queen, and now she's going to meet the Prime Minister of Canada! The school called yesterday with the news that as an honour student she has been invited to have breakfast with the Prime Minister on Friday! She's thrilled beyond thrilled and has been thinking up questions that she might want to ask him (if she feels brave enough!)

This morning was registration for school. Amanda's going into Grade 5, and somehow I had us in the Grade 4 line...where does the time go?! Anyway once we straightened that out, I met her (likely) teacher, and for the first time it's a man?!! He seems very nice as does his TA! And given the amount of prayer we've sent up over the matter of who her teacher would be, I'm eager to see what God has in store for her with this talented duo this year:)

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Donna said...

Those are such exciting days for everyone in the family! all kinds of new stuff including new teacher.
They grow up far...far fast.Then they have babes of their own.
enjoy these days!!