Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Royalty Trumps Conspiracy!

Yesterday during handwriting class, Amanda's teacher told Amanda that she was "the Queen of handwriting" as she passed by her desk and reviewed her work, and then, in front of the whole class, she said, "Yes, when Amanda was first born, I'm sure her mother held her in her arms and looked into her eyes and said, 'you will be a Queen I tell you, the Queen of handwriting!' " Evan, the often teasing boy who sits beside Amanda, grabbed her book to see for himself, and then he affirmed, "You are! You are the Queen of handwriting!"

Amanda beamed when she told me about this this morning. I, of course, confirmed that she does have beautiful handwriting, to which she replied (unaware of my blog-post from yesterday), "Mom, when the teacher called me the Queen of handwriting that was way better than getting candy!" I, of course, see, royalty does trump conspiracy with my daughter:)

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