Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Starbucks is on my side:)

Work has been crazy busy for too many reasons for me to go into here, but let's just all agree that I deserved the Starbucks I treated myself today, ok?! So I'm working away, sipping my Starbucks when the inspirational saying on the cup catches my eye:

The Way I See It #63
"Our lives are inspired by the dreams we have from the earliest stages of our youth. When you combine passion and hard work, then success is always possible. While no road is ever straight, dedication and persistence will always lead you toward your dreams."

Add in about faith, God's will and prayer, and that pretty much sums up the essence of what we try to teach Amanda. See, Starbucks is on my side, now if I could get the teachers there!

OK, I can't end this post without making sure that anyone reading this blog knows that on most things I have total respect for ALL of the teachers Amanda has had. They have all been gifted educators with a heart for children and learning, so if I come off as though I'm dissing them, I'm not, it's just this candy-method and over-rewarding expected behavior that I question. But let me just say that being a teacher must be such a tough job these days and I SO admire those doing it. It was my dream growing up, so I will always have such a soft spot for teachers:)

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