Monday, September 05, 2005

Rainy Day Treat

It was a rainy and cooler day today. Les was up before six and off to work. I did my workout and a bit of scrapbooking (since the housework had already been done this weekend:) Amanda and I hung out and talked about books she's reading and ways we could redecorate her room. Then this afternoon, we had her friend Britney over for a play-date, and now, over two hours later, I still hear their excited voices creating new story-lines for their Beanie Boppers to act out! Those giggles and gushes are music to my ears:)

Amanda's having a friend over also meant a bit of time to myself for me - because they always play so well together, so I decided to do some experimenting and make a treat for when Les came home from work. There seemed to be a bit of a chill in the air, so I thought I'd try something hot...too bad Starbucks isn't closer, I thought, I could get us some Carmel Macchiato's. Well, since it was pouring out and I didn't want to drag out my two girlies who were so happily playing, I set up the kitchen to try and make my own macchiatos...and they turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself:) here's the recipe:

Carmel Macchiato's a la Sherri (good, but not as good as Starbucks, of course:)

vanilla syrup (we have the sugar free from Starbucks)
skim milk
espresso (I brewed half a pot of Starbucks expresso beans in my coffee pot...double strength)
carmel sauce

In each mug, put 1 tablespoon of sugar free vanilla syrup. Boil some skim milk in the microwave while the coffee is brewing. Use a milk frother (my latest purchase from IKEA!) in the the boiled milk when you take it out. Pour one cup of steamed milk into each mug. Use the frother in each mug to mix the milk with the vanilla syrup. Spoon some milk foam on top of milk mixture in each mug. Pour 1/2 cup of espresso in each mug over the milk mixture...the foam will rise to the top. Drizzle a bit of carmel sauce on top and enjoy! ...Les & I sure did this afternoon:)

Espresso beans from Starbucks - FREE
Milk frother from IKEA - $1.99
Enjoying a rainy day treat in the arms of my husband - PRICELESS!!

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