Saturday, September 24, 2005

Three Wishes

Les and I taped the premier of this show last night. Then we watched it together after his evening shift, and we both loved it! In truth, I was in tears more than once during the show, touched and moved by the personal stories that were told. I think what encouraged me most was seeing everyday-folk be inspired and join in in reaching out to one another:)

Grant's Wish
"It's a teaching tool," Grant says. "Yes, it's a television show, and we are using network dollars, sponsorship dollars, to do a good thing for people. But we live in an age where
people are not connecting the way they used to, not meeting each others' needs
on a basic level. My hope, when I first went to NBC -- I just said I hope that
people see this show and feel inspired to reinvest. That's my hope, that people
are re-energized."

After shooting several episodes, the recording artist and TV host says she has already seen that hope realized, to some extent, just among the people she and her team have met in the towns the show has visited. While only three wishes are chosen for each town out of however many hundreds or thousands are presented, Grant says many times other wishes get granted off camera and behind the scenes, as a result of people
coming together to share their needs. "

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