Thursday, September 15, 2005


Most people who know me personally have heard me talk at one time or another about the 'jewels' God gives me. Sometimes they have been rewards for obedience and sometimes (often) they have been completely unmerited on my part. All of the time though they are affirmations of His love. I confess though that sometimes when I don't slow down my life enough I miss out on seeing His hand on me in that way. That's something I feel I need to confess today.

Roses in my heart is the name of this blog, but it really falls out of a much bigger story that has to do with God's woo-ing of me, and how many times He's shown me His love through roses, a jewel that so hits this romantic heart of mine. I don't have the time to tell the full story here, but let me just give you a bit of background. You see, when I was a single girl, before God "turned my waiting into dancing", He used to send me roses regularly. Many of my married friends would even comment to me that although I was single I received them more often than any of the married women they knew! God knew this over-romantic heart of mine though and He knew just how to woo me. Roses have had a big significance in that...not only the receiving of them, but the learning through them, the experiences in gardens, etc.

Flash forward a few years and I'm a wife and a mother and He has given me so much more that I could even ask or imagine. But in truthfulness, I'd have to say that I don't have much time for myself these days and this week has been an even bigger example of that. You see, work is very hectic right now. And when extra is called for at work, I usually end up not taking proper lunches or breaks because I can't just stay late every day like I would when I was single. I have a daughter to be home for after school and a husband who works shiftwork. Well, without going to all the details, let's just say that this week I was running day and night and the lack of down time was definitely wearing on me.

My plans for this evening were to race home from work (I had to leave before a meeting I was part of even came to end), heat up the supper I prepared the night before and wisk Amanda off to her worship dance class all by 5:15 (Les is working this evening). Then while she was dancing, go to the store and pick up the things we need around the house (you would not believe how much milk we go through?!)

Anyway, so as not to make a long story too much longer, let me tell you God's plans for me tonight... get my attention after dropping Amanda at dance, woo me to Starbucks and treat me to a carmel macchiato (no fat and no sugar) and an almond biscotti (which was even balanced carb-wise) with a Mary Engelbreit magazine and some time alone to just relax. As I dipped my biscotti in my coffee it dawned on me how many free Starbucks treats I seem to get these days (all with their own stories) and I saw God's fingerprints all over it! What I need is some down time from time to time and God, knowing what I need, has been wooing me this way. What a jewel?!

Well Amanda's off to bed now, I've done some laundry and finished my workout, but rather than just quickly wash off and get back to the laundry I'm going to linger a bit longer and have a bubble bath right now and enjoy what I am learning. I feel a bit guilty though, did I mention that I forgot to pick up the milk?!! Oh well, hopefully there's enough there to get us through breakfast! I won't think about that right now though, I'm just going to get my tea, some candles and some bubbles. G'night y'all:)


Donna said...

Way ta go!

Christy said...

God's blessings are so sweet, especially the caffienated ones! ;)

Did your Starbucks treat come with your Duetto statement again?

I better go wait by my mailbox for my statement! *grin*

Sherri said...

No, when I dropped Amanda off at dance and returned to the car there was this $5 Starbucks card...then as I started to drive to the store to get what we needed, that little voice inside just told me the errands could wait, but this couldn' off to Starbucks on 8th I went:)