Monday, March 27, 2006

Who Am I? ...and Great are YOU!

Well something awful happened at work at the end of last week and though I've tried to pray through it and let it go, I'm still reliving it and it is now Monday morning, and I don't want to go to work even though the person involved should long be gone. I'm praying for God's protection because of the sting of this person's words, and at the same time I'm praying for God's best for them and trying to forgive what happened. It's not easy living life 'downhere'.

One particularly bright spot to this past weekend was learning a new song though. Here are the words I'm thinking about this morning...

Great Are You
by Downhere

How I love Your works
My God, My King
How I love Your works
My God, My King

Your Name rings on the plains
Like a not so distant train
And Love and history are near
In the flowers that you make
The flowers that you make


Because I'll never hold the picture
Of the whole horizon in my view
Because I'll never rip the night in two
It makes me wonder
Who am I, Who am I, Who am I
And great are you

How I love Your Word
My God, My King
How I love Your Word
My God, My King

Your love cuts through these pages to my heart
As you grieve our sins, right from the start
And sacrifice and paradise are in
The plans that you made, The plans that you made
Chorus (2x)


TNChick said...

I haven't heard the song but the lyrics are beautiful!

Sorry something awful happened.... :(

Christy said...

Remember who you are to God...May you feel his nearness at your workplace these days.