Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Dolly!

Today is mydaughter' daughter, who has a fascination for Asian food & Asian culture. This made for a challenge for me as my creative style doesn't really tend in that direction, but my heart tends in Amanda's direction so this is the card I came up with... It reads 'Happy 16th Birthday' in Japanese on the front and has a message both in Japanese & English inside. I black embossed the flowers from the Elements of Style set to create the pattern for the card on a ridinghood red cardstock base. The banner is made out of very vanilla cardstock and I used vintage trinkets on it along with some black satin ribbon.
I also made her some paper fortune cookies with wishes & virtues on them.I used the love letter dsp and the fabulous phrases stampset. I've seen paper fortune cookies around the internet and just had to sit and play for a while last weekend to figure it out. For the base you cut a large circle out of patterned paper...then you softly fold it in half one way (don't crease) and then do the same the other way (again don't crease). Then you go back to the first fold and attach the centre of the edges together with a mini glue dot. The you fold it back on itself the opposite direction and plump the paper open and attach with one more mini glue dot. These were definitely fun to make.

One last project toshare - and this one has been a labour of love. Amanda's party with friends is today and they will be eating Asian food tonight - so in lieu of a birthday cake I've been making candy sushi since Amanda adores sushi. These plates are my progress last night. Once I have it all complete today I'll be stacking on a pedestal plate with candles on top...then the remaining sushi will surround it on the table on sushi plates (she received several sets as gifts:)

I've gotta run...have a bunch of teenagers to chauffeur around and prepare for;)


Linda Hilderman said...

You are an amazing Mother. Good things (like daughters) come to those who wait. She is a lucky girl.

Tanya said...

You are such an awesome mom!!!