Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vintage Christmas - a new colour palette

The colours for this Christmas card see at first very non-traditional, but I was inspired by some vintage Christmas ornaments...see this link!  In fact, it isn't non-traditional at all to use pinks and turquoise along with golds  in vintage Christmas vingette's at all.  I'm not thrilled with the final version of this card...I think it needs to be shiny-er.  It's prettier in person that the picture captures, but I feel like I could have pushed it just a bit further, but that is all part of the process...we create...and we re-create...and things evolve and take a life of their own.

I'm probably more of a red & green girl at Christmas, but it's far enough away to experiment and create outside of the box a bit;)

Stamp sets used on this card were:  Calm Christmas & World Map

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