Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Any Advise?

We are trying to teach Amanda how to ride a bike...and it has been quite a challenge...so if any of you folks have any ideas, suggestions or advise, please let me know.

Over a week ago, Les took Amanda to the park and tried the traditional approach of holding the back of the bike and running along side of it. This weekend, we took her into the backyard and tried something different. The backyard has a slight hill to it, so I got on Amanda's bike and lifted my feet up and coasted down, explaining to her how to balance. Then I had her try. I thought that maybe if she could just learn to balance first, the pedalling would come easier. We were out there for a long time on Sunday and toward the end, I thought I saw some progress. So last night, out we went again, but she had a tougher time with it than the night before. We're going to have her go out and work on balance every night this week and see if that doesn't help. I'm having a hard time convincing her right now that it's going to get easier and she's going to have so much fun riding her bike this summer. Help!

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