Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I am sipping on the BEST English Toffee Cappuccino this morning...mmmm... I'm not much of a coffee-girl...I'm much more of a tea-person, but I do like my English Toffee Caps from Tim's . Somehow, just enjoying a cup on my coffee break brightens my day.

On the weekend, my father-in-law forwarded an email about the ill-effects of aspartame (as found in diet coke...POISON Ray calls it!) Some say the email is a hoax, but we have researched it a bit and found that many of the risks appear to be real. A few weeks back I had blogged about a new study on Dr. Diaz's site that showed that aspartame can actually make you gain weight rather than lose. (Sigh) It's not fair. My darling husband loves his diet coke, and I enjoy a glass here and there. I like a diet sprite in the evening and often make parfaits from diet puddings (containing aspartame). Not any more. We've decided that it's not worth the risk. My father-in-law, a diabetic, also decided that it wasn't worth the risk, and that although it would be hard on his life-style he was going to try to give it up (he's now trying out stevia, a natural product). It is amazing how much better he feels in just a few short days...

The only good thing about this news is that I now feel less guilty about enjoying my cappuccino than about drinking diet coke! I imagine that's the way God wants it. I've been trying to deny myself all sorts of things that I enjoy to keep the calories down when several years ago God showed me that it's not the food, it's the amount. It is ok to have a treat now and again. I guess when we take out the sugars/fats and add something artificial we are trying to make the food behave when the New Testament says that no food is unclean. It's not surprising then that the artificial stuff we add is worse for us than the sugars/fats we remove. All things (except diet coke!) in moderation, I guess.... :)

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