Saturday, April 03, 2004


Today, I took a Meyers Brigg's personality test again. I'm an ENFJ (or Teacher, they say:)... I took classes in Meyers Briggs a number of years ago and found it fascinating, particularly in terms of helping me understand other people, I guess I'm trying to understand me a bit better...

I've taken the Meyers Briggs test about 4 times in my life, and I have always come out an ENFJ...well, except for just before my wedding, when I tested as an introvert (imagine, me, an introvert?!)...actually that's not too far off as I'm never a very strong extrovert, and even in today's test, my score on that scale was pretty low...I scored exactly '1' on the extroverted scale. However, the opposite is true on the feeling scale...I get full marks in that area...I'm a BIG feeler...

Here's the 'short' description for ENFJ's:

For ENFJs, maintaining harmony in relationships is an important goal and a natural skill. They are warm, compassionate, and friendly people who are tuned into other's needs and good at helping others solve problems in creative ways. Articulate and enthusiastic, ENFJs are good public speakers who are good at making personal connections, one-on-one or in a group. ENFJs are tactful and diplomatic and pride themselves on making others feel good. They tend to be overly sensitive and take things personally, so they have difficulty in making logic-based decisions. ENFJs also usually idealize relationships and end up being let down. They have a high energy level that is increased by social involvement. ENFJs like to have plans and can work with others to realize their goals.

ENFJs are energetic, friendly, talkative, and articulate, with the best communication skills of all the types. They are comfortable in all social situations and are able to instantly respond to the emotional climate of any group. ENFJs are extremely sensitive to criticism and may withdraw from a group instead of showing hurt feelings. They try to avoid confrontation, but are quick to apologize for their mistakes and forgive others theirs.

ENFJs are very conscious of their appearance and how others judge them. They dress appropriately for all situations and are well coordinated. ENFJs make good teachers and are attracted to all 'helping' careers. They can also be good writers or editors. ENFJs have difficulty saying 'no', and often confuse other's thoughts and feelings with their own.

According to, King David (the Psalmist) was an ENFJ...hmmm, interesting...maybe I should go write a Psalm...

What personality type are you?'s a very quick test...(although the longer version tends to be more thorough).

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