Tuesday, April 06, 2004

This print from Mary Engelbreit makes me think of a story. Several years ago, during my first experience of Arlington Beach Family Camp, I met a wonderful woman from our Church named Mildred Hindmarsh. Mrs. Hindmarsh is a lively dear soul, probably somewhere in her 80's with the softest hands you'll ever hold.

That year, I was staying with a friend at the lodge out at Arlington during Family Camp, and not being much of a morning person, I would often skip breakfast in the cafeteria to have a more leisurely morning time in our room. It was July and very hot in our upstairs lodge room, so one morning after dressing, I left the room door open a crack to get some fresh air in, and as I finished making my bed, all of a sudden, there was this hand that reached into that crack and pushed open the door. In walked Mrs. Hindmarsh (only I didn't know that was her name then). She walked in and said to me, "Well, aren't you something?!" (apparently she had been asking about who I was at breakfast). She then went on to comment about the fact that I wasn't married at the time. Before I could even answer, she said, "Well what would you need with a man, really? ...Besides, I've been looking around since I got here, and I haven't seen anything that impressed me much!"

I just about broke out in laughter, and a huge smile came over my face as she sat down across from me - to which she responded, "My, you have a lovely smile....are those your own teeth?!"

I still smile thinking about how I met Mrs. Hindmarsh (and yes, these are my own teeth:) She is a dear lady in our Church, and I am so very blessed every time I see her and feel her soft hand in mine...she still has that wit. I believe that the prayers and sacrifices of women such as her are one of the cornerstones of our Church. She really is something! :)

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