Saturday, April 24, 2004

Last night was Greek night at the Brophy house, and it still smells good in here. Earlier in the week we had invited some wonderful friends to join us, but last minute, they all cancelled, so more Greek for Les! (He's took the leftovers to work for lunch today). We grilled chicken marinated in Greek spices, had Greek Village Salad, and I made the very-high-maintenance lemon potatoes (they take an hour and half in the oven at 475 with stirring every few minutes)...not a meal I can just whip up quickly after work...and not a meal I used to be able to make for see, we don't have a bbq, but we do have a small indoor grill, and recently we inherited a second one (exactly the same)! Les and Amanda love Greek food so it's totally worth the effort (even cleaning that grill afterward!) I enjoy cooking for folks, and Les is always so appreciative...makes me feel like 'Queen of the Kitchen'.

After supper, we went outside, and Amanda practiced riding her bike. We now have her pedal down the street with each of us alternating giving her balance and then occasionally let go a bit to see how she does. It's coming along...that is, until she realizes that she's doing it, then she immediately panics, screams and starts to fall! We catch her (she's never fallen, not even once) and start again....

I have a tonne of housework to do this weekend, including a tonne of laundry which I better go and start. Next weekend is Les and my getaway, and I'm so looking forward to a few days where I can't cook (even though I love it) or clean.

Tonight we'll be heading to Church. I hear, from a reliable source, that Kelly Graham is speaking. We both love it when Kelly speaks. I miss the Upper Room days when I used to get taught by him every week. I'm looking forward to tonight!

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