Sunday, May 09, 2004

A Bicycle Built for Me...

Can you believe it...I got a Bicycle yesterday?!! I haven't had a bike since I was a I was a little worried whether I could still ride one...3 cruizes later, nothing to worry about:) I was the only one in our family without a bike, so Les kept encouraging me to get one. I told him that I planned to win the Retro-Schwinn at Timmer's in the Roll up the Rim contest. Alas...the contest is over, and I did not win:( In the meantime, Les found the same bike at Canadian Tire...and better yet...the LADIES version! And if things could get any better, we got an amazing deal (more than $100 off)! It's actually pretty amazing that we got the deal as we missed out on the sale...God is so good! So we used some of my income tax refund...and voila...I now have my very own Ladies Schwinn Classic Cruiser!

It is a beautiful bike! Biking the way I like it...comfortable and not hunched over. I'm not going to be winning any races, I'm sure, but I'm looking forward to cruizin' a bit this summer. I had a really hard time spending the money...not that it was too much...nor that it couldn't be afforded...but it's very hard for me to spend on something that big for myself, especially when in my mind a bike was more a want than a need. In Les' mind, it was a need...he and Amanda both have bikes, so I needed a bike. I like his mind:) I think I'm going cruizin' again this morning:)

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