Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I'm feeling YOUNG tonight:) Les, Amanda & I did a Costco run, and as is customary, that meant hotdogs at Costco for supper before we began our shopping (yeahhhh...a break from making supper & doing dishes!) As we were leaving our table when we finished, this friendly woman at the next table called out to me, "Sherri, isn't it?" "Yes," I smiled...trying to figure out who I was speaking to. She went on to explain that we had gone to University together...her name was Lisa...she was a marketing major (me, accounting). It was nice to see her, even if I didn't know her that well (she was in a different year and major than me). Anyway, now she's married to a friendly fella and has two adorable little girls (one is a newborn)! They mentioned that Costco was their BIG family outing (only half joking)...and I can relate! As we walked away to begin our shopping, Les said to me, "See there, you still look the same as when you were in're very youthful!" Thank you, dear! :) (For the record, I don't look just the, for one are different...and depending what year you saw me in University, I was likely heavier than today...but I guess, I'm still recognizable, and I'll take that:)

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