Sunday, May 09, 2004

Well, it's my second ever Mother's Day being a Mom...(tears). Amanda actually calls it 'Mommie's Day', in honour of her favourite word for me...I like that:) ...and here I am all alone...Les is off at work and Amanda had a birthday party and sleepover last night - which meant I could sleep-in, myself, this morning, which is a treat! I'll pick her up in a few hours, and Les says that he and she will be making supper tonight...another treat! I've got a bit of preparation to do for work tomorrow and then I think I'll take a little cruize on my bike, have a shower and head over to pick up my daughter.

Last night before we went to sleep, Les gave me his gift and this wonderful card for Mother's Day...."To my beautiful wife...." I'd like to quote one of the verses from the card:

"Into a precious vessel
God pours tenderness and love,
an understanding heart,
and all the joy a child dreams of...
He gives her His compassion and
a kindness like no other,
then wraps her in His quiet strength
and gently calls her Mother."

Thank you, Les, for making me a mother...and thank you, God, for having the idea in the first place and ultimately creating it all! Thank you for your grace and mercy which I need everyday.

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