Thursday, May 27, 2004

My sister-like and oh-so-dear friend, Alana, sent me an email this morning with an attachment from The Fly-Lady. It was so encouraging! Somedays I become discouraged when I don't see the outer changes I desire happening very quickly, despite all my trying...trying to eat right, trying to exercise. I spend alot of effort trying, and the truth is with a husband and daughter it is hard to always try and find the time for more trying. I think reading this helped my perspective:) Here is an excerpt:

> "Moving in May isn't about parking a little further out at Wal-Mart
> and logging on a few extra steps on your pedometer. Nor is it just
> about stepping up your nutrition and eating better. These are
> components to Moving in May, but it's bigger than that.
> There is an enormous underlying principle at work here and that is
> the fact that each person reading this Food for Thought right now is
> worthy of being loved and merits exquisite care. Each and every
> woman is worthy of being comfortable in her own skin, worthy of
> giving herself tender loving care and worthy of treating her own
> body like the treasure it is.
> We love to complain about our stretch marks, zits, spider veins and
> other imperfections that seem to relentlessly grace our bodies. The
> older we get, the more plentiful the imperfections. I am guilty of
> reciting my long list of complaints, too. However, I am starting to
> realize with every step and every breath I take, that my life is a
> gift and that my body is my "transportation" for my life here on
> earth. This body is what houses my soul. In the bible, the body is
> referred to as a temple for the Holy Spirit.
> It is worth everything I have to give the best care to the only body
> I will ever have. I'm not talking plastic surgery and masseuses and
> that kind of thing. I'm talking about the basics: reducing stress,
> living a life of gratitude, eating well, moving. I am worth more
> than nutritionally negative food, a sluggish, sedentary life, and
> holding on to resentment, anger and grudges that result in a cold,
> bitter heart. I am worthy of loving self care and so are you."

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