Sunday, May 16, 2004

Spring is in the air, and I'm enjoying the sunshine streaming through my windows as I tend to our home. I'm also starting to think about planting flowers and tomatoes. I love growing flowers, but I'm not too committed to a vegetable garden just yet, although last year, I tried my hand at growing tomatoes (Early Girl), and they grew I'll definitely try that again! I'd also like to grow some rasberries...only I'm not sure where to plant them because people keep warning me about how they spread. See that's half the problem, I'm not sure where to put a vegetable/fruit garden if I plant one...and I'm not sure if I want a conventional garden or a box garden...decisions, decisions....

The tulip bulbs that I planted last fall in my front flower bed have sprung up, but the blooms haven't quite opened's been a 'late' spring, I think, and I haven't seen much in the way of 'signs of life' in my rose bush that I planted last spring...I sure hope it comes back (it was so beautiful last year)! Also, I have only seen green popping up from one of the perenniels I planted last year...perhaps more will come. I'm starting to think about if there is a low flowering small bush that I could plant in my front bed that would return each year...I don't know much about these. What I do know about is colours and flowers that make me smile...and I've started to collect some of these (annuals) that I will plant in a week or two.

Recently, Les & I decided that we would like a hedge in our front yard, so on Friday, we visited a couple of nurseries again and finally settled on something...a Peking Cotoneaster. It has these rich shiny green leaves, berries for the birds in the fall and changes colour to an orange/red in the fall as well. What's more, it should provide some resistence to the north winds that blew such high drifts of snow into our yard and driveway this past winter.

If you have any suggestions, let me know:)

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