Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Well, our girlie is making some progress on the bike. Two nights ago, Les got tough...and I suppose, that is what she needed. He's doing such an amazing job with her...I just sort of back off when the tears flow, but Les can tell which tears for for effect and which ones are for real. It was a tough night, but by the end of it, she could ride her bike on her own for a distance of about two houses. Now we have to work on see, she could ride further, except for the fact that she starts to curve one way after about a house or two and has to stop to avoid hitting something. Last night she practiced again and she can now ride for about 3 houses...and the best part is that she's really starting to enjoy herself! I'm so proud of her! Just two things left to learn...steering...and pushing yourself off when you start out...we'll work on that tonight.

Speaking of Amanda...this is the second morning in a row that I've had one of her songs playing in my head. Amanda is a big Hillary Duff fan (Lizzie McGuire) and has her cd. Yesterday morning as we were getting ready for school she was singing Hillary's song, 'The Math', and now I can't get it out of my head. The chorus goes:

If you can't do the math
Then get out of the equation
I am calling you back
This is * 69

Is it a minus or a plus
Does enough equal enough
If you can't do the math
Then nothing adds up
Tell me why I'm here

It is just priceless to hear Amanda croon out those words!

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