Thursday, August 26, 2004

"Can-A-dian Idol" Update

Well our Dolly went off to the lake for a few days with her bestest girlie-friend, Aurora, and Auntie-extraordinaire, Arilee...which means that she missed "Can-A-dian Idol" last night. (It's ok, we taped it for her). It's funny how hooked Les and I have become to this show through Amanda watching it, but honestly, I believe the talent pool this year is so much better than I've seen on any other idol show (including last season's American Idol).

We had a fun evening last night. First we met my 'longest living friend', Caroline (nicknamed that because we've been the closest of friends since way back in high school) at Earls for supper. What a treat?! (I hardly ever get out like this these days:) I had a Japanese Bento Box (sushi rolls, wananbe beans, peel & eat shrimp, and salmon....mmm). And we all shared dessert. We bumped into some other friends there which was nice. Good friends, good food, good conversation and then we headed home to catch 'Can-A-dian Idol'.

I felt like I had to make a post about Idol today because lately I've been getting alot of visits on this site from people doing searches for Theresa Sokyrka, Kalan Porter or Jacob Hoggart. I'm sorry folks, you are probably looking for a fansite, and the reason my site pops up is that a couple of weeks ago after one of their performances I posted about how talented I think these three are. I would be happy if any of them won it, and I think all of them have big futures in music....and last night's performance only confirmed that. Here is how I would rank each of the remaining five based on their performances last night:

  1. Theresa Sokyrka...she sang 'Cruisin' so well...her voice is amazing!
  2. Jacob Hoggart...he really shone last night...very distinctive vocal performance.
  3. Kalan Porter...this wasn't one of my favorite performances of his, but he can sing anything...he may just be the best singer in the group; however, last night's song choice didn't showcase that.
  4. Shane Wiebe...he sang well...I have to say I'm impressed by his range, but he did make a few flubs that make it hard for me to put him higher on the list.
  5. Jasan Greeley...I know lots of the girlies like him, with those dimples and all, but he really isn't greatest singer of the bunch (or dancer for that matter...stamping your foot and snapping your fingers isn't dancing!) I think he certainly is an entertainer though.

  6. Here's the chorus from Theresa's song last night...I just keep humming it this morning...
    "You're gonna fly away
    Glad you're going my way
    I love it when we're cruisin' together
    Music is played for love
    Cruisin' is made for love
    I love it when we're cruisin' together"

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