Saturday, August 21, 2004

An Early Birthday Present for Les...

The other night, my darling hubby and I stopped in at one of his favourite stores,
Long & McQuade, to replenish his stock of strings and picks as he's playing at Church this weekend, and we learned some wonderful news... Long & McQuade is moving to a new store in Saskatoon. It will be the huge building that used to be Crafts Canada (River City Centre). The guys at L&M say it will be nicest store in Canada, and it should be ready in late November/December....just in time for Les' birthday! Needless to say, we here at the Brophy house are thrilled!

It is interesting to me how many businesses have opened a location in Saskatoon or expanded in some way since Les moved here. When Les & I were first dating, I didn't know what a London Drugs was, yet it was a place he frequented back home. He moved here, we got married, and now we have two. When we were dating, Saskatoon didn't even have its own we have several. This L&M news seems to be following that trend. Can an IKEA or
White Spot (our favourite restaurant in B.C.) be far behind?!

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