Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Princess-heart is something that Les started calling me when we were first dating. He has several names for me that just make me melt:) As we were browsing through books at Blessings this weekend, one title really caught my eye..."Keeping a Princess Heart: In a Not so Fairy Tale World". Blessings had the companion guide to the book, but not the book, so I looked it up at today on my coffee break. Here is the description given:

"Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. Every little girl grew up hearing the stories of "happily ever after" but is that the world in which she exists today? Keeping a Princess Heart is a deeply thoughtful exploration into the tension of the two worlds in which a woman lives - her dream world and the real one. Discover how to apply scriptural truths to help reconcile the ideal life with reality. You will be encouraged to laugh at yourself as you take a deep trusting dive into the wonderful world of fairy tale to find the hope to reclaim your hidden treasure: a princess heart."

That sounded interesting, so I went on to read the reviews. Here is an excerpt:

"Gifted author and actress Nicole Johnson explains that the secret to Keeping A Princess Heart is for women to put their faith in Christ, who knows and bestows the deepest desires of their heart:
(1) Recognition (the desire to be recognized)
(2) Adoration (the desire to be loved)
(3) Consolation (the desire to know that all will be well)

Understanding and addressing these wishes will help women discover their Princess Heart. Validating these desires will help the men in their lives help restore the girlish innocence needed to approach the throne of grace. When a woman puts her trust in Christ she will be able to transcend the world’s shallow aspirations of life and discover her untainted heart of wonder, joy, and love. Keeping A Princess Heart grants every woman her fairy tale ending by accepting the hand of her own Prince...of Peace."

I hope that doesn't sound too hoakey to you. It actually sounds a bit refreshing to me... with all the pressures in this world and (as I posted a few days ago) my heart really wanting to be at home... You see, my personality is somewhat of an idealist (enfj) I tend to see the world the way it should be rather than the way it is, and reconciling the two can be very discouraging to me. Thankfully, God's love is relentless and tender, and he has given me a husband who is the fulfillment of so many of my dreams. Still, life can sometimes be...well...not quite a 'fairy-tale'...some days the world's realities try to crush my heart, but they will not win. I don't know whether I will get this book or not, I want to finish reading my "Ragamuffin Gospel" first, but I felt encouraged today just reading the review.

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