Thursday, August 05, 2004

Random thoughts and a Quote for the Day

For once the date and time stamp on this post is right...I made sure, which is something I barely ever do! I've been up since before 6 this morning, and since I am not a morning person, well I want it duly noted. I've already done my workout and had my shower. I'm just eating breakfast now and then will carry on getting ready for work.

In other news, my teapot has finally arrived! OK, I know it is 'just a teapot', but I can be a little thankful that it's finally here, don't you think.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this quote from Nicole Johnson that I stumbled upon. I think it makes some good points:

"Whenever I'm traveling by air I'm always amazed by the number of people who need to be the first ones to get on the plane. These are people who need to be first at everything. You run into them in the grocery store as they hurry to get into the express line ahead of you. You see them racing toward the elevator to beat other people on. It means so much to them, and I'm not exactly sure why. Like they think someone is going to hand out hundred dollar bills to the three people who get there first. There is, in fact, great freedom in not having to be first—not in being late or in being left, but in being free, in waiting, and trusting. There is freedom when you are not afraid to be wronged, not afraid to be misunderstood, not afraid to be forgotten for the moment. When you can trust that being last doesn't mean you are a bad person or unloved. That is true liberty and peace. Then you don't have to prove your point, be first on the plane, constantly defend your actions, or demand your rights. You are free to quietly trust, and that will change our hearts."

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