Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Great news...

...well at least I think it is... A dear friend told me that the Church is going ahead with plans for a mid-week (Wednesday night) worship service starting in October, AND that the new children's ministry leader is planning an AWANA-type program for the children at the same time! I've been longing for more worship (and teaching), so this is indeed good news, AND even better, I've been looking for an AWANA-type program for Amanda ever since she finished VBS this summer because she loved it so much. It would be awesome if this all worked out because often there are activities I'd like to attend or volunteer with at the Church, but I can't do it because of childcare needs or because it gets too late for Amanda (school-days are back soon and that means 8:00 bedtimes). I'm going to wrap this one in my prayers...first with thanksgiving, of course!

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