Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Weekend Update

I had a nice long weekend, but it's back to work for me today. Les had to work the weekend again, but he did have Friday off, so we hired a sitter and had a date night on Thursday night. He took me to Earl's (one of my favorites...they were a little bit 'OFF' on Thursday, but a good time was still had). Then we went shopping...clothes shopping actually, and we both got a few new things. I like buying stuff that I KNOW my husband really likes on me:)

Our whole family had Friday off of work and school, so we slept late and headed out for a bike ride together. There is a new pond in one of the parks in our area, so we've been exploring around there lately. Then we did a bit of yard work and showered up in time to take Amanda to her friend's bday/sleepover party. Les and I then snuck off for dinner together. We went to Alexanders where the 'poulet du chef' was excellent! We then headed over to Dutch Growers to look at tall, skinny trees...swedish aspens to be exact. We're thinking about getting three of them for along the fence in our backyard. Then we met a friend for coffee at Starbucks and went for a drive with her looking at condos, as she is looking at moving.

On Saturday morning, Les headed out to work and I waited around for the Unversity student painters to come out and quote on how much it would cost to paint our deck. Wayyyyy too much was the answer!! I have a friend who is getting most of the main floor of her house done for less than they quoted for our deck?!! So I guess we'll be doing it ourselves and not hiring a student after all. I had thought this would be a good way to help out a student, but I guess not. If any of you have experience or advice about deck painting, please let me know. I think it's just one of those necessary evils that has to be repeated every three years or so!

Anyway, after the paint quote I had a bit of time to kill before I needed to pick Amanda up so I headed downtown and did a bit more browsing. This is so rare for me...to actually have some time alone to browse and try things on. Then when I picked Amanda up from her party, I had coffee with her friend's mom, which was so good since we hadn't been able to find the time between our two schedules for a while. Also, it was good for me to be in another mother's house and see how she interacts with her children. She's a wonderful mom, but, honestly, I realized in that hour just how easy Amanda has it our house in many ways...which was good because lately I get this big guilt trip back from her anytime I ask her to do anything.

Saturday night we headed to church then out with friends. Sunday morning I snuck out for another bike ride and then cleaned house, and when Les got home, we decided to have a family night IN as he needed some downtime to be the 'king of his castle'. So I made one of his favourites for supper and we caught a bit of the hockey game after that.

Monday morning was about laundry for me and then while I was getting myself together after my shower the power went out, so that definitely limited what else could be done. After Les finished work, we headed over to his parents for super and I got to meet my mother-in-law's childhood friend and her husband who are in town visiting from Kelowna. What I especially enjoyed about it was seeing my mother-in-law giggle with her friend after supper. I want more of that for her!

Well that brings us pretty much up to date. Hope you had a good weekend too:)


Heather Smith said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Hope your week is just a good!

Overwhelmed! said...

Sounds like a pretty nice weekend.

Hey, where is your Treasure Tuesday? You told me last week that you'd try to get one up this week. :)

I've posted a treasure. Stop by and take a peek!