Friday, March 18, 2005

50 Things About Me!

Inspired by Christy's blog, here are 50 things about me...

1. I'm a girl, a girly-girl to be more precise.
2. And I'm married to the most wonderful boy, well, actually he's such a man!
3. And we have a living dolly for a daughter.
4. We live in a cozy bi-level in a newer neighbourhood in the north west (yes, the dreaded west-side?!! ...queu the forboding music!)
5. I'm a chartered accountant.
6. But what I do for a living actually tells you very little about me.
7. I probably should have been a teacher.
8. But that's a longgggg story.
9. I love being a wife and mommy!
10. I love God even more than any of that!!
11. One of my greatest desires is to hear God.
12. "He holds me by my right hand, and afterward He will take me home...God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." (Ps.73)
13. I love music!
14. I love to sing!
15. When I was a little girl, my favourite band was 'The Bay City Rollers'.
16. I had the plaid cuffed pants and striped socks even.
17. My brother used to tease me mercilessly about liking that band.
18. My husband doesn't mind them.
19. We've even gone Bay City Roller cruizin' to their greatest hits
20. Our daughter even likes their music.
21. She often sings their song 'Saturday Night' when we're driving home from Church on s-s-s-Saturday ni-ght.
22. I'm missing seeing my Canucks play on Saturday nights this year:(
23. I like to cuddle up with my husband and watch hockey:)
24. I like to cuddle up with my husband and watch anything:))
25. My latest favourite guilty pleasure is the Carmel Macchiato at Starbucks.
26. Actually it's really not bad for me at all (it's made with skim milk).
27. I like skim milk (have drank it since I was a kid).
28. I picked up the saying "good grief!" from a dear friend of mine.
29. My husband thinks it's cute when I say it.
30. I think he's cute all the time!
31. He has the best sense of humor!
32. My friends are really important to me.
33. Nowadays, I don't seem to get as much one on one time with them as I used to (or as I'd like).
34. Yet they are always there for me.
35. And I for them.
36. I got my hair cut today.

37. My hairdresser has an adorable 11 month old, and I got to hold him and dote over him:)
38. I'm an affectionate person.
39. Words mean a lot to me.
40. I would never name a child without looking at the meaning of the name.
41. My full first name is actually Sherri-Lynn not just Sherri because my maternal grandmother didn't want me named after liquor!
42. That is also the reason my name isn't spelled with a 'y'
43. Sherri means sweetheart in French (cheri), and beloved in the baby books, so I don't mind
44. My favourite Disney character is Winnie THE Pooh
45. When I was 4, I met the REAL Winnie THE Pooh (blue sweater and all)
46. Coincidentally when we did The Hundred Acre Wood personality test, my husband's personality came out as Pooh.
47. Mine was Kanga.
48. Did I mention that I love tea?!
49. I always notice people's hands and feet.
50. But what I'm most interested in is the heart:)

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